Chihuahua Boxer Mix – Breed Information, Grooming, Diet & Health 

Chihuahua Boxer mix, known as the “Boxachi,” is an endearing dog that will capture your affection. This charming breed inherits its size and demeanor from the Boxer and Chihuahua, resulting in a lively and petite companion that keeps you active.

The blend of Boxer and Chihuahua characteristics produces an irresistibly cute crossbreed that exudes vitality one moment and snuggles up on your lap the next. Regarding your mixer dog, expect a blend of physical traits from both parent breeds.

Although there’s variability between the two, predicting the exact resemblance of your mix can be challenging. Typically, anticipate shorter fur that requires minimal grooming, a snout akin to a Chihuahua, and triangular ears that fold over.

The height ranges from 6 to 20 inches depending on which parent’s genes dominate. The Boxer and Chihuahua mix is a novel hybrid dog breed without documented history.

Although their parent breeds have rich histories spanning centuries in South America and England, the fusion of these diverse backgrounds generates an irresistibly cute companion pet. Exploring the extensive lineage of the individual parent breeds sheds light on the appeal of embracing a crossbred pet from these contrasting yet charming origins.

Chihuahua Boxer Mix Overview

Weight 45 to 60 lbs
Height18 to 25 inches
Coat Typeshort coat
ColorsBlack, blue, cream, white, fawn, and red
Amount of Sheddinglow
Earslarge ears
Temperamentaffectionate, alert, loyal, and playful
Life Expectancy10 to 15 years
New Owner Friendlyyes
Activity levelhigh
Breed RecognitionNone


This playful and affectionate pup is a loyal family member with abundant positive vibes inherited from its parents. Despite a hint of mischief, these dogs are primarily sweet, loving, affectionate, and reliable.

Interestingly, their Boxer lineage often overlooks their size, embracing cuddles regardless of their bulk. Intelligence shines through this breed, and though stubbornness exists, they are generally responsive to training and eager to follow your lead.

When raising a Boxer mix, expect rare moments of independence. These dogs may briefly wander off, but they will return to seek your attention. Known for their affectionate nature, Boxer mixes thrive on human companionship.

Great for families with kids, Boxer mixes enjoy playing gently with children but require supervision. Unlike some breeds, they may not always obey instantly.

While Boxer mixes can get along well with other pets, watch out for their territorial tendencies inherited from the Chihuahua side. Early socialization is critical to successful pet introductions, though they may take time to adjust fully.


When caring for your pup’s nails, ears, and teeth, the answer isn’t straightforward. It depends on which traits your furry friend inherits. However, maintaining their dental hygiene by regular brushing is crucial.

Additionally, check their ears biweekly and delicately clean them with a gentle canine ear-cleaning solution and a cotton swab. Nails should be trimmed as needed, typically every four to six weeks.


Training your Boxachi can be a challenge. While they grasp rules quickly, they may exhibit stubbornness, sassiness, and independence. Patience is critical during training sessions and should be short and enjoyable. Positive reinforcement is highly effective, but your Boxachi also requires a strong leader to follow.

Establishing yourself as the “alpha” for your dog can be confusing for many. Being an “alpha” does not involve dominating or resorting to aggressive tactics like yelling or hitting. Instead, it’s about not tolerating undesirable behavior while maintaining a calm and assertive presence.

Consistency is vital when it comes to training your furry friend. Through being persistent and repetitive, your puppy will grasp their lessons and thrive. They are loyal companions who aim to please you and see you smile. And let’s not forget, treats always help!

Another crucial point to emphasize is the significance of early socialization for Boxachis. Starting this process from day one is vital, alongside gradually introducing obedience, behavior training, and housebreaking.


Chihuahua Boxer Mix

The Boxachi dog requires moderate physical activity based on its small or medium size. Ideally, two walks per day supplemented with play sessions suffice. For larger Boxachis, outdoor space for running and engaging in vigorous activities like jogs and hikes is beneficial.

In contrast, smaller Boxachis necessitate shorter walks and indoor play due to their limited stamina. Regardless of size, leash restraint is imperative outdoors as Boxachis are adept at escaping. Regular monitoring during yard play is vital to prevent any potential escape attempts facilitated by gaps in fencing.

Diet Requirements

While their diet isn’t overly restrictive, offering them a nutritious meal plan that promotes their overall well-being is vital. Before selecting recipes, consult your veterinarian to ensure your furry companion receives all the necessary nutrients.

Consulting with your vet is essential due to the breed’s size variations. For instance, your Boxach may weigh 12 pounds while another online might be closer to 40 pounds. Tailoring their diet based on your pet’s size, age, activity level, and health status is paramount for providing a balanced and wholesome meal.

When discussing treats and snacks, it’s essential to consider this puppy’s tendency to gain weight. Avoid feeding meals or treats high in unhealthy fats, sugars, processed ingredients, artificial additives, or other non-nutritious substances to keep them healthy and fit.


The health conditions of their parents often influence the health of your Boxachi. We have compiled a list of severe and probable concerns and minor and less likely problems in anticipation of potential issues. Fortunately, this breed tends to be robust, but routine checkups are crucial to sustain their well-being.

When Did We First Crossbreed The Chihuahua?

There are conflicting theories surrounding the origins of the Chihuahua breed. Some experts suggest that the Chihuahua descended from the Techichi pup, while others argue it was crossed with a hairless ancient Mayan dog. If the latter is accurate, it could mark the beginning of Chihuahua crossbreeding.

However, it is logical to assume that modern Chihuahua crossbreeding gained momentum in the 1990s or 2000s, riding on the popularity surge that began in the 1960s in the United States.

How Popular Are Chihuahuas in the United States?

Chihuahuas in the United States rank among the top choices for family and companion pets. While these little dogs may display a Napoleon Complex, they are generally excellent pets.

According to the 2021 popularity rankings from the American Kennel Club, Chihuahuas are the country’s 37th most popular dog breed.

How Did The Chihuahua Come About?

The Chihuahua breed originated in Mexico during the 19th century. However, its historical roots can be traced back to the 9th century when the Aztecs governed a significant part of Mexico. According to Toltec Peoples, there were accounts of a minor, silent dog known as a “Techichi,” displaying physical similarities to the Chihuahua.

How Much Does a Chihuahua Boxer Mix Puppy Cost?

A Chihuahua may come at a lower cost, but a Boxer puppy can be significantly pricier, ranging between $1000 and $3500. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that any Chihuahua-Boxer mix would fall within the price range of $1000 to $2000.

When Did We First Crossbreed The Boxer?

Boxers, a prevalent crossbreed today, have an intriguing yet somewhat elusive history of crossbreeding. Originating in 19th century England, their precise origins remain obscure, with scarce documentation available.

The most reliable information indicates that Boxers were likely crossbred in the United States during the burgeoning popularity of dog crossbreeding in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Is a Boxador a good dog?

The Boxador, a blend of the Boxer and Labrador Retriever breeds, embodies love, loyalty, and intelligence. This hybrid’s large size and high energy levels demand ample exercise. The Boxador is an exceptional companion and guard dog known for its devotion and protective instincts.


Is the Chihuahua Boxer Mix-Friendly?

You should generally anticipate a highly amiable dog from a Chihuahua Boxer cross. The Boaxchi will take on the Chihuahua’s devoted, friendly nature but with a more guarded and aloof demeanor toward strangers.

Is The Chihuahua Boxer Mix Easy to Train?

Similar to other Chihuahuas, your Boxer will likely be resistant at first, but with time and positive reinforcement training, they will soften and become much easier to train.

Does the Chihuahua Boxer Mix Shed?

The Chihuahua Boxer mix will shed all year and doesn’t require much maintenance, but they will appreciate a once-weekly brushing!


If you bring a Chihuahua Boxer Mix home, get ready for a lively, fun, and loving companion dedicated to you and your family. These proud little pups enjoy playing, relaxing, and bonding with their human pack.

While research on this designer breed is limited, we are confident that this furry friend will bring you joy. We trust this article has addressed your questions about the Chihuahua and Boxer mix.

Designer breeds like the Boxachi may have scarce information due to their novelty. We aim to provide accurate and reliable details so that you can make the best choice for yourself and your potential pets.

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