English Foxhound: Dog Breed Pictures & information

English Foxhound They have a vibrant and colorful history, many years old.
The British foxhound is one of four foxhound breeds of dog. This is a cousin of American Foxhound. They are scented to catch foxes.

This breed’s origin can be traced back to the extinction of early deer hunting by the British elite in medieval English forests.

As a hunting dog, have high energy and need plenty of exercise during the day. Residents of the apartment should be careful because the bridge requires room to run, and they can “talk” to some extent, which can not promote good relations with nearby neighbors.

As the number of falcons dwindled toward the end of the Middle Ages, the American race became fox-hunting. This change required a different kind of hunting.

British fox hunting requires a different breed that has a great ability to hunt and a great sense of smell. English Foxhound was developed for this purpose, and thus its current name was born.

English Foxhound

Although these are purebred dogs, some may end up in shelters or rescue care. Consider adoption if this is the race for you.
Wearing the familiar tricolor coat of black, white, and tan, their ears are hanging close to their cheeks, and a long tail – called a store – is lifted. “In front of an ancient Greek statue,

there is a combination of grace and power as a fine foxhound,” says Belvier Gambler, who is known as the greatest English foxhound ever.

This rare breed has never jumped on the popular companion dog, but it is definitely a dog to consider whether you are a jogger or a runner or want a virgin friend with you on horseback riding.

This intelligent, brave hound can cover long distances without a break. Fox Hunters rewarded him for his ability, good nose, and determination.

These qualities are good and equal for people who are interested in it as a partner. For example, his ability and determination make him a good friend to marathon runners, but his strong sense of smell can make him want to walk an interesting trail instead of going where he wants to go. Is.

He needs to exercise daily, so he’s not a good choice for a weekend warrior. And as a hound, whose job it is to chase prey, it must be strapped to areas where it can run in front of a car.


The English Fox Hound requires 20-25 inches (51–69 cm) tall, according to breed quality guidelines. [1] The skull is thick and long. The legs are muscular, straight, and the claws are round, almost cat-like. English Foxhound comes in any hound color, often tricolor, tan, red, or black with a white base.


  • Affectionate, Gentle, Sociable
  • AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 188 of 196
  • Height: 24 inches
  • Weight: 60-75 pounds
  • Life Expectancy: 10-13 years
  • Group: Hound Group 

The English foxhound is a pack hound, therefore, it mixes with other dogs and enjoys human companionship. It is associated with horses, children and other pets, as it is a gentle, sociable and tolerant breed. It is an active breed that enjoys spotting foxes and has the ability to run all day at regular intervals.

More About English Foxhound

English Foxound was formed in the late 16th century, as a result of the concept of scarcity of red deer in England. The chiefs and royalties hunted deer for both food and sport, using the deerhound or stagund for this purpose.

During the reign of Henry VIII, it was thought that a new prey was needed, and the red fox was chosen. The E foxhound was then developed in deep hounds, carefully, for fox terriers, for hunting instincts, and for bulldog hunting.


There are very few health problems in this generation. Occasionally seen are chronic hip dysplasia, kidney disease, and epilepsy. The age of the breed is usually 10-13 years.


English foxhounds have a certain autonomy – some may be stubborn. They work best with people who provide permanent and ongoing training. Training should begin at an early age and continue at every stage of the dog’s development. Dog breeding classes are great for all breeds, and English Focus Sound is no exception.

Obedience training may take some time and patience, but in the end, you will be left with a better companion dog, except in the case of the command.

foxhounds should be trained to lease and should be kept in the lead whenever they are out of the enclosure in a safe place. They will follow the “prey” regardless of what their owners have ordered.

The English Fox Hounds have a sloping shell in which they are happy to perform for everyone, including strangers, as they arrive home.

In that sense, they are good watchdogs, but despite the natural distrust of strangers, they are easy prey and do not really have the protection of a guard dog.


The is usually 23 to 27 inches long on the shoulder and weighs 55 to 75 pounds. Men are older than women.

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