Pitbull Australian Shepherd Mix – Information, Personality & Facts

Pitbull Australian Shepherd Mix, also popularly known as the Aussie Pit, is a beautiful combination of energy, loyalty, and intelligence inherited from their Australian Shepherd and Pit Bull parents.

This mixed-breed canine is becoming increasingly popular and is highly desired by dog lovers worldwide. These dogs are considered the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affectionate and protective pet.

The Aussie Pit is a fun-loving breed that enjoys outdoor activities, is highly adaptable, and loyal to those they love. Despite their reputation as a designer breed, they are frequently available for adoption at rescue organizations, making them a loving and grateful addition to any home.

The description of Pitbull Australian Shepherd Mix

The history of the Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix is fascinating, as it highlights the growing trend of designer dog breeds in North America.

While this breed may have occurred naturally over time, breeders deliberately combined the loyal nature of Pit Bulls with the intelligence and coat of Australian Shepherds in the late 1990s.

The resulting offspring, Aussie Pits, appealed to many looking for a lovable and trainable companion. However, like many designer breeds, some Aussie Pits have been in shelters or rescues. Suppose you are considering an Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix.

Adopting from a shelter or rescue is an excellent option to provide a loving home for a needy dog. This breed has a lot to offer, including intelligence, loyalty, and a willingness to learn, so with proper training, they can make an excellent addition to any family.


The Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix, or the Aussie Pit, is a breed that has gained popularity among dog enthusiasts who love dogs with boundless energy and loyalty. This breed is highly alert, making them excellent watchdogs.

Their energetic nature means they need plenty of play and walk time, perfect for active owners. The Aussie Pit is an excellent workout buddy with a medium-to-large size, making it ideal for those who enjoy long runs or hikes.

The breed may also have a herding instinct or prey drive, but their high intelligence makes them relatively easy to train. Early and consistent training can help curb unwanted habits, like heel-nipping or other game-go instincts, ensuring a happy and well-behaved pup.

The Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix is a loyal and loving companion but can also become destructive when left alone for too long. Giving your Aussie Pit plenty of attention and playtime to help release their energy is essential to avoid damage to your home.

Early training is also crucial to learn good habits and avoid destructive behaviors. This breed is eager to please their human, making them an easy companion to train.

While they can get along with other pets, having them as the only pets may be best due to their energetic and spunky nature. Whether you’re looking for a cuddly couch potato or an active playmate, the Aussie Pit can be both.


As a loving pet owner, keeping up with your Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix’sMix’slar veterinary checkups is vital. These appointments are essential to maintaining your furry friend’s health, as potential health concerns can be detected early on.

With the help of your vet, you can develop a tailored care routine specific to your dog’s dog’s dog, ensuring they stay healthy for as long as possible. While these pups are known for their high energy levels, keeping an eye on their weight is essential as they are prone to weight gain.

Ensure your pup gets at least one good half-hour to an hour-long walk daily, along with a few good, active play sessions and shorter hikes. This care routine can keep your Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix healthy and happy for years.

Taking care of your dog is crucial to being a responsible pet parent. While keeping your furry friend clean and well-groomed is essential, many owners forget about their dog’s nails and teeth.

Checking your dog daily for debris and pests is crucial for their health. Clean them as your vet recommends to prevent any infections or irritations. Additionally, trim their nails once or twice monthly to prevent them from clicking against the floor.

If you know how to do it yourself, visit your groomer. Finally, don’t forget about dental care. Brush your dog daily to prevent any dental issues. Don’t worry about asking your veterinarian for instructions on how to do it properly.

Remembering all these things, you’ll ensure your furry friend stays healthy, happy, and clean.


Regarding your Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix, keeping up with their regular veterinary checkups is essential to detect any health concerns early.

These mixed breeds are prone to weight gain, so regular exercise is vital to maintaining their health and happiness.

With their high energy levels, you should aim for at least one good half-hour to hour-long walk daily, with a few active play sessions and shorter hikes. Consult your vet to develop a customized care routine to keep your dog healthy and happy for years.

Ensuring daily checks of their ears for debris or pests and cleaning them as your vet recommends is crucial for their well-being. Moreover, trimming your dog regularly helps prevent discomfort during their walk, and your groomer can help you with it, too.

However, dental hygiene is another essential aspect of their overall health, and brushing your dog daily can go a long way in keeping their teeth healthy and jaws strong.


As a mix of Australian Shepherd and Pit Bull parents, you can expect these beautiful canines to fall on the medium-to-large side of the scale. Most weigh between 30 to 85 pounds and measure 17 to 23 inches tall from the shoulder.

However, the rule always has exceptions; some individuals can be found outside this range. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a loyal companion with an iconic look, the Aussie Pit might be just the dog for you.

Exercise Requirements

The Pitbull Australian Shepherd Mix is one of the most energetic breeds, thanks to its lineage.

With a Pitbull parent that requires good agility and muscular strength and an Aussie parent that needs high-energy activities like running and Frisbee, this mix needs intense exercises to stay happy and healthy.

However, this exercise is essential not just for their physical well-being but also for their temperament. Taming their aggressiveness is crucial; long walks and hikes can help burn off their excess energy.

Remember not to leave them outside or alone for prolonged periods, as this can exacerbate their aggressive tendencies. The Aussie Pitbull can be a docile and loving companion with proper exercise and care.


The Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix is a medium-to-large sized breed with much energy. Their dietary needs will vary greatly, depending on their age, weight, and overall health.

It’s essential to consult your veterinarian about the best diet for your dog, as individual dietary needs can vary significantly from dog to dog.

Additionally, overfeeding can lead to weight gain, so sticking to a regular feeding schedule and limiting treats is essential to keeping your dog healthy and happy.

By providing your Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix with the proper nutrients and healthy eating habits, you are setting them up for a long and healthy life.

When feeding your Aussie Pit, choosing a high-quality dry kibble for medium to large dogs is essential. But how much should you give him? At the same time, the packaging might give you some guidance.

It’s essential to consider several factors, such as your dog’s exercise, age, and weight. After all, no two dogs are the same. Aussies Pits, in particular, tend to gain weight quickly, so it’s essential to avoid overfeeding them.


This affectionate and loyal pet is generally healthy, but it is essential to remember that they may be predisposed to some health issues. Taking good care of your furry friend and maintaining regular veterinary checkups are necessary to ensure they live a happy and healthy life.

By being proactive in their care, you can help mitigate any potential issues that may arise as your pet ages. With some TLC and attention, your Australian Shepherd Pit Bull mix will be a beloved companion for years.

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Collie eye anomaly
  • Cataracts
  • Epilepsy

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The Australian Pitbull is a fascinating dog breed that requires much attention and training to become a well-behaved pet. While this breed is brilliant, exercise can be pretty challenging.

The key to successfully training this mixed breed lies in the hand handler of confidence and willpower. If you want your Australian Pitbull to listen to you and follow your lead, you must take the alpha position from the start.

Frequent training sessions are ideal for maintaining their focus since their attention span is limited.

One of the most important things to remember when training this breed is to use positive reinforcement and praise often when your dog obeys. If you master these training techniques, you will have a loyal and well-behaved companion for many years.

Training classes can be a game changer for pet owners struggling with the Australian Shepherd Pitbull Mix. This mixed breed can be an incredible pet but has unique challenges that require attention.

The best option for reducing the harmful behaviors exhibited by the Aussie Pitbull is offering them structured training classes. These classes are designed to help the dog develop good habits and can reduce the destructiveness that is known to be expected in this mixed breed.

For instance, they reduce the desire to chew or dig the Pitbull parent is known for. Further, training can help the dog learn to be less overprotective or territorial, which can be difficult with an Australian Shepherd parent.

Focusing on training could be the solution many pet owners need to regain control of their Aussie Pitbull mix.

Are They Aggressive?

Both breeds have the potential to display aggressive tendencies. For Australian Shepherds, this aggression is often directed toward strangers, as they can fiercely protect their family and property.

On the other hand, Pitbulls tend to be aggressive toward other dogs, especially if they feel threatened or see them as competition.

While these breeds can make excellent pets, it’s essential for owners to be aware of their potential for aggression and to take proper precautions to ensure the safety of their dog and those around them.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

If you’re considering getting an Aussie Pit, it’s important to remember that this breed often has a strong prey drive passed down from its Australian Shepherd parent.

This means that your pup may tend to chase after small pets around the house, even if they were raised alongside them. While this trait can be endearing in some ways, it can also present some challenges for pet owners.

Additionally, Australian Shepherd Pits may not always get along well with other dogs, although this can vary from dog to dog. If you’re considering getting an Aussie Pit, it might be best to keep them as the only pets in your household and help them work on socialization skills early on.

Why an Australian Shepherd Pit?

For many reasons, the Australian shepherd Pitbull mix is a beloved breed, but versatility takes the top spot. These muscular and agile dogs are perfect for activities like agility or Frisbee, and their intelligence and trainability make them great companions in any setting.

However, looks also play a huge role in their popularity because the Aussie Pit is bred for its good looks and loyalty. And let’s forget the two popular breeds of this incredible dog.

With their excellent traits combined, the Pitbull Australian Shepherd is an energetic and fun-loving dog that also excels in guarding, herding, and hunting. It is the ideal breed for any loving pet owner or hardworking farmer.

How Popular Are Pitbulls in the United States?

Pit Bulls continue to be a breed of dog that is heavily debated due to their legal status in many American cities. It’s uncommon to find people owning Pit Bulls but hesitant to admit it, fearing the negative association that comes with this breed.

Despite this, sources indicate they may make up as much as 20% of America’s dog population. It’s often misunderstood and unfairly stereotyped, yet Pit Bulls remain a beloved companion to many.

Their energy, or ability to make you smile on even the most challenging days – whatever it may be it’sit’st Pit Bulls hold a special place in many American homes.

How Did Pitbulls Come About?

Pitbulls have an intriguing history that spans multiple countries and centuries. Originating in England during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the breed was created by breeding the Old English Bulldog and White English Terriers.

Unfortunately, the dogs were initially used for the cruel sports of bull-baiting and fighting, which would be outlawed in 1835. But the story of the Pit Bull doesn’t exist. It wasn’t after that the breed was reborn in the United States as the American Pit Bull Terrier.

They would become known for their loyalty, strength, and determination; despite their controversial past, many have embraced these dogs as loyal and affectionate family pets.

Is The Pitbull Australian Shepherd Mix Friendly?

The Shepherd Pitbull mix can make for a loyal and protective companion. However, it is essential to note that this breed may exhibit aggression towards strangers. This behavior should not be ignored as it could potentially lead to dangerous situations.

Consistent training should be implemented early to address and prevent this behavior. The Shepherd Pitbull mix can be a loving and well-behaved companion with proper training and socialization.

It is important to remember that any breed can display aggression, and we, as responsible pet owners, must address and prevent it.

How Much Does a Pitbull Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy Cost?

The average cost for these mixed breed dogs can range from $700 to $3000, at least double the price of adopting a Pitbull Australian Shepherd mix.

Type of ExpensePrice Range
Dog Carrier$60 – $120
Dog Bed$30 – $50
Dog Collar and Leash$10 – $20
Chew Toys$5 – $15
Dog Shampoo$15 – $25
Toothbrush and Toothpaste$5 – $20
Grooming Brush$15 – $30
Nail Clippers$5 – $15
Microchipping$15 – $30
Neutering/Spaying$100 – $150
Vaccine Puppy Shots$150 – $350
Total Initial Cost$410  $825


  • An athletic dog that performs well in physical activity is the Aussie Pit mix. For those who lead active lifestyles, this puppy is an excellent companion. Additionally, this hybrid can easily navigate a challenging agility obstacle course with the proper training.
  • Highly trainable: Aussie Pit mixes have a propensity for being gregarious. An Aussie Pit mix is a reasonably simple dog to teach if you go at it the right way. They are also canine geniuses!
  • The Australian Shepherd mix is perfect for feeding because it is not a picky eater. This hybrid dog typically consumes whatever food is offered, unlike other dogs who are picky eaters!


  • A significant disadvantage of owning an Australian Shepherd/Pitbull mix is that it sheds quite a bit. For those who have allergies, this hybrid is not recommended.
  • Due to their high energy levels, Aussie Pit mixes require a lot of physical activity and mental stimulation. These canines can be destructive if they don’t have these two traits.
  • Surprisingly, the Aussie Pit is a dog that clings to its family. If you leave it alone briefly, it will whine or panic. Due to this, Aussie Pits are unsuitable as guard dogs or house pets.

Are Australian Shepherd Pitbull Mixes Hypoallergenic?

While the Aussie Pit mix may be a delightful addition to your family, anyone with allergies should think twice before adopting this pup. This hybrid is not hypoallergenic and will likely bring plenty of hair and dander into your home.

The Australian Shepherd and Pitbull breeds contribute to the Aussie Pit’s makeup, meaning shedding is a regular occurrence. So, unless you’re scared to stay on top of grooming and cleaning, you might want to consider a different dog breed.


The Pitbull Australian Shepherd Mix is a complex and unique breed that can be a loyal companion and guardian. With ample training and understanding of the species, they have the potential to be excellent companions.

Though not necessarily more complex than other breeds, they may require more attention and care. If you are experienced in caring for a dog and have the time to dedicate to training, these little bundles of energy will bring joy into your life. Just remember, it’s too late to become an informed pet owner.

Researching and understanding breeds before welcoming them into your home can make all the difference in providing the best possible quality of life for your new pup.

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