Teacup Poodle Breed Profile: Size, Temperament, Health

Teacup Poodle Their loving nature means that they will meet anyone. (Toy or cup of tea), adopter pet.com can help you find a place near you. Use the search tool below and browse the adapted toy or tea cup puddles!

They want attention and love, so be prepared to love them.

However, these babies should be handled with extreme care – the name’s affiliation can be derived from the German word puddle, meaning poodle dog, or “puddle dog”. The AKC recognized it as a breed in 1887.

The toy type was developed in England in the 18th century. Their small bodies make them very sensitive to breaking bones.

The description of Teacup Poodle

  • Overview: A smaller version of Toy Poodle.
  • Purpose: Companion.
  • Weight: 3-5 pounds.
  • Size: 6-8 inches.
  • Temperament: Happy, loving, and energetic.

The teacup poodle is the smallest change to the poodle because it is smaller than the toy poodle. The teacup poodle is an unofficial poodle category, but it is the one that is gaining popularity due to the trend of keeping small dogs as pets.

They only come in solid colors
Cheap puddles are never cleaned, patterned, marked or marked in any way because they are only available in solid colors.

  • These colors include black, silver, blue, gray, red, cream, apricot, brown, white, and caffeine.
  • They are a good choice for living in apartments
  • Although they need to walk daily, a tap-up poodle is able to handle the life of the apartment.
  • They are lively dogs and will live actively in the apartment. However, they do not need a large yard or a lot of extra exercises.
  • Just spending time playing with their poodles will give them the fruits of their activity.

More About This Breed

Most breed registries around the world do not recognize the Teach Poodle as a separate breed of toy poodle. For example, the American Canal Club rates any poodle less than 10 inches because a toy is a poodle and a teacup poodle fits into that category.

However, the breed has been recognized by the US Inc. Dog Registry. There are some health issues associated with race
Like all breeds, there are some health conditions in which tape poodles are more at risk.

One of the several prevalent problems is allergies, so most teacup poodles should observe a strict diet.

Other problems associated with this race include epilepsy, diabetes, heart problems, slippery, and progressive retinal atrophy.

Furthermore, due to their small size, they need to be handled with care as fractures are common in this breed. Despite these worries, a healthy teacup poodle can live up to 15 years


Poodles come in a variety of colors, including white, black, gray, apricot, red, shiny, sable, silver, and purple. Most are full color.

How many toy or tea cup puddles are shedding?
Poodles are considered a hypoallergenic species. When it “flows”, the hair does not come from the dog, but sticks to the surrounding skin, so it tends to be matted.

A little shed, a lot of shed
Do you need a poodle (toy or tea cup)?
Regardless of its size, toy or tea cup poodles need attention, as their hair is fast and extremely long. You’ll need to clip your poodle hair every 6-8 weeks if you decide to cut crops with less care, or brush every week if you prefer a long haired look. Will dedicate time to

Poodle (toy or teacup) Mood, personality, and training
How much do toy or teacup puddles bark?
Poodles are a great watchdog and can be a source of excitement, although of course, every dog ​​is different. However, thanks to their extraordinary intelligence, they can be discouraged from barking repeatedly with proper training and exercise.

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