What Does a Reverse Brindle Boxer Look Like

What does a reverse brindle boxer look like? A brindle or reverse pattern is seen in boxers, French bulldogs, corgis, and many other types of dogs. Labradors cannot have this coloration because it’s not considered rare, but if you’re walking around with a dog that displays these markings, there may be some clues for determining whether they are purebred or mixed breed at heart, too!

Reverse Brindle Boxer 

The Reverse Brindle pattern is so distinctive because it gives the appearance of dark stripes sitting on top of lighter fur. However, this coat still has light or fawn colors as its background; however, they become much less prominent than their counterparts, giving an overall darker impression to any observer who sees them up close. It can even appear nearly solid black at times, making one think that boxer dogs are dark shades of themselves, but then you will notice small patches revealing more white hairs here and there, making sure not all parts look alike.

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