Corgi Husky Mix – Information, Grooming, & Pictures 2023

Corgi Husky Mix, also known as the Horgi, Siborgi, or Corgsky, is a breed that has quickly risen in popularity due to its unique and charming appearance. This hybrid breed is a cross between the Siberian Husky and the Welsh Corgi, resulting in an adorable dog full of energy.

With their fluffy coats, pointy ears, and short legs, the Corgi Husky Mix is a sight to behold that is guaranteed to capture your heart.

In this article, we will look at this fascinating breed, exploring its origin, temperament, physical characteristics, and overall maintenance to help you decide if this is the right furry companion for you.

The description of Corgi Husky Mix

The Corgi Husky Mix, also known as the Corgski, is a beloved designer breed that has captured the hearts of many dog lovers. This unique hybrid dog combines the charming personality of the Corgi with the stunning looks and strength of the Husky.

The Corgski is a medium-sized dog that typically inherits the short stature and adorable little legs of the Corgi, coupled with the thick fur and striking blue eyes of the Husky. One of the most endearing qualities of this breed is their playful and high-spirited personality.

Which makes them great pets for families with children or active individuals. The Corgski is also highly trainable due to the intelligence of both its parent breeds, and they thrive when given opportunities to exercise their physical and mental abilities.

The Corgi Husky, also known as a Corgski, is an adorable and fascinating breed that has captured the hearts of many dog lovers. This charming designer dog is a result of crossbreeding a purebred Siberian Husky female with a pure Welsh Corgi male.

The Corgi Husky Mix’s traits perfectly blend the two parent breeds, resulting in a medium-sized dog with a body that is longer and lower to the ground than a Husky but with similar facial features and piercing blue eyes.

The Corgi Husky, also known as the Corgski, is a hybrid breed that has gained popularity as a companion animal in recent years. These adorable canines result from breeding a Welsh Corgi with a Siberian Husky, resulting in a unique blend of traits from both breeds.

While the appearance of Corgskis can vary greatly, they generally have the short legs and long body of the Corgi parent, with the distinctive markings and pointed ears of the Husky. However, no two Corgskis are precisely alike, as their specific appearance and characteristics depend significantly on their genetics.


Corgi Husky Mix

Corgi husky puppies, or Horgis as commonly known, are a popular breed that has taken the world by storm. They are cute, adorable and playful. However, if you are considering taking one into your home, be prepared for a lot of grooming.

With both Corgis and Huskies in their lineage, Horgis have inherited the shedding gene from both parents. This means they will require extensive grooming at least once or twice daily, especially during the shedding season.

While it’s common knowledge that dogs must be bathed regularly, many owners may not know the proper method for caring for a Horgi.

This adorable hybrid breed comes from a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Siberian Husky, and its unique features require specific maintenance. Horgis should only be shampooed when dirty, as over-bathing can strip their coat of natural oils.

If you’re lucky enough to own a Corgi Husky Mix, you know how important it is to keep your coat looking and feeling healthy. However, you may have noticed that their thick coat can be pretty resistant to water, making bath time a difficult and frustrating experience.


  • It’s not too friendly, yet still warm. Because of its trusting personality, it gets along well with strangers.
    A Horgi is a sociable being that charms both adults and children. It gets along nicely with other animals and enjoys its guardian’s attention to the family.
  • The Corgi-Husky cross is a perfect family dog since the two breeds complement each other well. It is a pack animal because of its social tendencies. Young families should consider the Horgi, especially when properly taught.
  • Always on the lookout. The Corgi Husky Mix is attentive enough to be a decent guard dog, even though it may not truly fit the bill as a watchdog.
  • The Horgi can be trained to bark excessively when given the proper training.
  • The Horgi is devoted to its owner and puts that person’s needs above theirs. It will go to great lengths to amuse and gratify its pet parent.
  • Welsh Corgi and Siberian Husky intelligence is passed on to the Corgi Husky. It picks up on things rather quickly, making training simple.
  • An eager beaver can be a Horgi! It is constantly seeking new experiences.
  • The Corgi is an excellent companion that can meet the emotional demands of any pet parent.
Average HeightHorgi (13 to 15 inches), Corgi (10-12 in.) Siberian Husky (20-24 in.)
Average WeightActive – Take at least one daily walk. Only the Husky is more involved than corgis, one of the few tiny breeds recognized as working dogs.
Coat TypeA silky undercoat that is thick. Short to medium-length hair is characteristic of both parent breeds.
Grooming NeedsModerate to heavy
SheddingModerate to high
Breed Health ConcernsDegenerative myelopathy, canine hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and intervertebral disc disease all affect Corgis. Dip dysplasia and infantile eye issues in Huskies.
Good with People & Other Pets12 to 15 years, Moderate-High. The lifespan of huskies is among the longest among larger dog breeds, and it is more akin to that of smaller species like the Corgi.
Life SpanActive – Take at least one daily walk. Only the Husky is more involved than corgis, one of the few tiny breeds recognized as working dogs.
Exercise RequirementsActive – Take at least one daily walk. Only the Husky is more involved than corgis, one of the few tiny breeds that are recognized as working dogs.


German Shepherd Husky Corgi Mix

The Corgi Husky Mix, or Horgi, is a beloved breed among those who prefer their fur babies on the smaller side. With its low-set stature and compact size, the Horgi inherits the best qualities of its Corgi parent.

Standing at just 13 to 15 inches in height, it looks sturdy and stable, thanks to its short legs. Weighing in at 20 to 50 pounds, the full-grown Horgi offers an excellent alternative for those who think they’re not quite ready for the size of a purebred Siberian Husky.

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This unique breed mixes two purebred parents, resulting in a stunning appearance that will turn heads. But it’s not all about looks – the Horgi also boasts a sweet temperament that will win over even the toughest of hearts.

One of the best things about the Horgi is that they are terrific family dogs. They’re very friendly and love spending time with kids and adults alike. While they may not make the best watchdogs due to their less threatening nature, what they lack in guard dog abilities, they more than makeup for in loyalty and intelligence.

Health Problems

German Shepherd Corgi mix

The Horgi, a mix between a Corgi and a Husky, is popular among dog lovers. However, just like any other dog born of parents with genetic ailments, Horgis may also develop common health problems.

Skin, eye, and back problems are often present in this breed, as well as more severe conditions such as epilepsy, DM, PDA, Von Willebrand’s Disease, obesity, and hip dysplasia.

It is essential to check with reputable dog breeders for evidence that the parents of any Horgi litter have been tested for these ailments.

While some Horgis may live a healthy life without significant ailments, owners should always take heed of these issues and be mindful of their Horgi’s health.


As much as we love them for their cute appearance and entertaining antics, Corgis and huskies are not immune to the health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

While they may be genetically designed for chasing and pulling, modern-day living often means they don’t get the necessary exercise. Unfortunately, this lack of training can lead to obesity, which can cause health problems and reduce their quality of life.

As a caring pet parent, it’s essential to resist the urge to spoil them with excess treats and prioritize their health with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Let’s ensure our furry friends stay healthy, energetic, and happy for many years.

If you have a Horgi, keeping them active and engaged throughout the day is essential. These lively pups need regular walks and playtime to keep their minds and bodies healthy. When they don’t get enough exercise, they may start to behave poorly and become irritable.

However, moderate activity can work wonders for your furry friend. Giving your Horgi a chance to run around, whether on a leash or off, can also make a huge difference in their overall well-being.

Mix Food

As a pet parent of a Corgi Husky Mix, also known as a Horgi, you should be mindful of their recommended daily caloric intake. This designer breed is known for its cute and fluffy appearance, but their size can differ depending on their parents.

That’s why it’s essential to consult with a veterinarian to determine your Horgi’s ideal weight range, activity level, and size to guide you in its diet. Underfeeding or overfeeding can lead to various health issues.

The general rule is that 80% of their calories should come from their regular kibble, leaving only 20% for treats or other food options.

Horgis are known for their healthy appetites and love for food. However, this can lead to serious weight gain if not monitored closely. Establishing preset feeding hours for your furry friend is essential so they don’t overeat and risk the potential health consequences.

Of course, treats are always a great way to show your Horgi some love, but keep an eye on their diet and monitor any additional weight gain. With a little effort and attention, you can help ensure your Horgi stays healthy and happy for years.

Pet ownership is a unique responsibility that comes with its own set of challenges. Among those challenges is ensuring that your furry friends live long and healthy lives.

Did you know you can influence canine companions’ lifespan and well-being by providing them with wholesome and nutritious meals? Yes, it’s true! And there are plenty of dry dog food brands out there that can help you do just that.

Brands like Wellness Core Dog Food, Dog For Dog Food, and Nutra Thrive dog food supplement are top picks for dog owners who want to give their pets the best chance at a long and vibrant life.


Training a dog can be challenging and rewarding for any pet owner. However, it’s important to remember that not all dogs are created equal, and each breed has personality traits that must be considered.

Regarding Horgis, novice dog owners should be aware of their husky side, as it can make training more difficult. Huskies require solid and positive leadership, so it’s essential to be consistent in training and offer plenty of praise and rewards for good behavior.

With patience and commitment, even the most complex cases can be trained to be loving and obedient companions. If you have a pet, Horgi, you may have noticed their natural tendency to corral animals and humans.

This is no surprise, as Horgis were initially bred for herding. However, this behavior can be a little intimidating for some people, and it’s essential to establish boundaries during training.

A gentle and consistent approach, coupled with rewards, can go a long way in curbing this behavior. Remember to be firm and patient; before you know it, your Horgi will be a well-behaved companion everyone can enjoy.


A Corgi Husky might be the perfect choice if you’re considering a new furry addition to your family. But be prepared to open up your wallet and purchase one of these adorable pups, which can cost you anywhere from $300 to $800.

With some breeders charging over $1,000 for an exceptionally high-quality bloodline. However, the investment may pay off in unconditional love and endless entertainment from your playful and personable Corgi Husky.


  • Adorable and gregarious.
    Excellent with children and other animals (once socialized).
  • Good indoor performance and keeping up with busy homes.
  • Exceptional and distinctive looks.


  • Independent and challenging to teach.
  • They shed a lot. Therefore, they need plenty of grooming!
  • Loud and prone to barking or howling.
  • High activity level and energy.

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Family Compatibility

The Horgi makes for a fantastic addition to any family. With their loving and affectionate temperament, they thrive on being around their family members. This charming pup’s loyalty knows no bounds; they will do anything to keep their loved ones safe and happy.

Their playful nature makes them a great playmate for children, making them the perfect family dog. It is important to supervise young children around the Horgi, though, as they may still retain some herding instincts and attempt to herd small children.

These cute canines are energetic, athletic, and love to hike and walk. They need an outlet for their boundless energy, so a home with a backyard where they can run around and chase squirrels will do wonders for their well-being.

Don’t be intimidated by their lively nature, though, as these pups are also incredibly affectionate and loyal to their humans. Some of their favorite pastimes are outdoors and cuddling up with their owners.


The Husky Corgi Mix dog is a social butterfly, always ready for a good time with humans and furry friends. These dogs have an infectious personality, drawing attention and affection from everyone they meet.

Whether playing fetch at the park, snuggling on the couch, or going for a leisurely walk, this breed is happiest when loved ones surround them.

It’s important to note that socialization is critical for this dog, as it allows them to fully embrace their friendly nature and grow into a well-adjusted adult. With their charming disposition and lovable demeanor, it’s easy to see why the Husky Corgi Mix has become popular among pet lovers.

As a new dog owner, it is essential to understand the importance of socializing your furry friend early on. Introducing your Horgi to new stimuli, such as different sounds, smells, and people, can help them better understand their surroundings.

From puppyhood, you should strive to provide them with a calm and controlled environment where they can become accustomed to various experiences.

By doing so, you can help your pup improve their social skills and learn how to behave appropriately around other animals and humans.

Is The Corgi Husky Mix Hypoallergenic?

Corgi Husky Mix is not hypoallergenic due to their moderate shedding. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t an excellent choice for pet owners with allergies.

Regular brushing and occasional baths can manage their shedding effectively, reducing the allergens in the home. It’s also essential to trim their nails to prevent discomfort and potential injury.

Despite their shedding, these dogs make excellent companions with their energetic and affectionate personalities, making them a worthwhile addition to any household.

Is The Corgi Husky Mix Right For Me?

Whether the Corgi Husky Mix is right depends on your preferences and lifestyle. While this breed is known for its friendliness and loyalty, it’s also essential to consider its energy levels and vocal qualities.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and can provide daily exercise and mental stimulation, this dog may be an excellent fit for you; however, if you prefer a quieter living environment or have a busy schedule that may not allow for adequate attention and exercise.

Ultimately, by carefully evaluating your personality, comfort levels, available time, and other factors, you can make the best decision for yourself and any potential furry companion.

Is Horgis good with children?

Horgis, or Husky Corgi Mixes, are excellent companions for children. They possess remarkable loyalty, love, and sociability that makes them great playmates for kids in their family and also friendly and affectionate towards any child they encounter.

Their remarkable social skills enable them to interact positively with children they do not know, making them suitable for playdates and public spaces. Horgis are known for being gentle, patient, and protective of their little friends, providing parents with a sense of security and peace of mind.

Do Corgis like to cuddle?

While every dog has its personality and preferences, Corgis are not typically known for enjoying cuddling. These energetic pups are often more interested in playing and exploring their surroundings than curling up for a cuddle session.

How do I correct my Corgi Husky when it misbehaves?

It’s important to note that correcting your Corgi Husky’s misbehavior should always be done using positive reinforcement rather than punishment when your pup exhibits unwanted behavior.

Redirect their attention to a more appropriate activity or reward them for exhibiting the correct behavior. For example, if your Corgi Husky is jumping up on people, redirect their attention to a toy or treat when they have all four paws on the ground.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Corgi Husky Mix?

The lifespan of a Corgi Husky Mix, commonly known as Corgsky, usually ranges between 12 to 15 years. This crossbreed has a relatively long lifespan compared to other dog breeds, attributed to several factors.

One of the critical factors is getting the dog from a reputable breeder to avoid genetic health issues that could shorten its lifespan. Also, proper nutrition, exercise, and health care are essential to ensure this breed lives long, healthy lives.

Is a corgi husky mix safe?

A corgi husky mix can be safe and healthy if given proper care and attention. However, like any other breed, they are prone to specific everyday health issues their parent breeds may experience. Some prevalent concerns include hip dysplasia, eye diseases, and obesity.

Are Corgis good beginner dogs?

Corgis are among the best beginner dog breeds due to their naturally friendly and loving nature. They are known for their intelligence and easy trainability, which makes them an ideal choice for first-time dog owners. Of course, like any other dog, they require proper care and training, but corgis are easy to take care of with appropriate attention.


Husky Corgi Mix is a highly loving and active breed, perfect for many families looking for a new addition. They get on so well with children and other animals, introducing them to your home relatively quickly.

Training is also Rookie friendly, and you’ll find that with patience and a few positive reinforcement techniques, you’ll have an obedient pup in no time.

Although they are energetic dogs, they love to cuddle up with their owners at the end of the day, and this beloved breed will fit perfectly into many individuals and family households worldwide.

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